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during checkout to save 10% on any order
Expiration date Nov 06 ’12
With coupon code   Click to activate
Free shipping on orders over $50
Expiration date Oct 14 ’12
What’s new in beads
Expiration date Aug 26 ’12

Pearl Room Vintage glass beads from Germany, Japan, Italy, Czechoslavakia. The good news is that the Czech Republic are now innovations like crazy, refurbishing old molds, to try new colors and finishes. BeadRoom store the best new ideas in the Czech glass beads, such as a large garden and a collection of classics. Special accents beads patterns. Made one at a time, the quality of these beads are in possession of only handmade things have – the hand sign. BeadRoom direct import of these glass beads Lampwork beads and the bicolor spirals designed exclusively for us. Join the big debate! Which seed beads you want – Japanese or Czech? BeadRoom both shares and has a fantastic color and style choices. Size 9 three cut Czech seed beads are a treat, as is the new purple and ends in Japan Seed Beads.

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