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Gardens Alive Deal of the Day + $20 Off $40
Expiration date May 24 ’12

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Gardens Alive! "Is it a mail order business eco organic solutions, for control of garden pests. Product lines include items such as sprays insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, herbicides and protective care of the soil, plant care, lawn care, pests, pest animals, weeds and disease. Types of gardens are satisfied with orchards, gardens, orchards, lawns, courtyards and ponds. The site offers a "Deal of the Day", which provides 50% discount, a free newsletter, a pest and diseases and a guide "Guide to Healthy Eating." Featured are the "liquid copper soap -Shield Flowable Fungicide ‘vegetables’ Alive! Fertilizer "and" House Keeper insect spray. The site hosts a "Solution Finder" that allows you to search for specific targets or target pests gardening. The company was founded in 1984 by Niles Kinerk and was originally called Natural Gardening Research Center. It claims to provide pest control products, such as M-Trak, which are generally available in quantities suitable for gardeners. Customers appreciate "Gardens! "I live for the proper performance of its products.

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